The Lower Back Pain Scorecard

Find out how to achieve a long-term solution to your back problem.

Around 6 in 10 sufferers of lower back pain will have another episode within the next year.

Why take the risk?  If you'd like to find out how to reduce your own risk of relapse, or you'd just like a lasting solution, book onto one of our free webinars.  It's really important to stop thinking of yourself as a "sufferer".  

We prefer to think of ourselves as "Warriors" against Lower Back Pain and Sciatica. It's far more empowering.

Book onto our 45 minute webinar - it’s free and you will leave with your own personalised plan for relief AND prevention.

  • Why diagnoses are often worthless and how they frequently do more harm than good
  • The three ways of damaging the lower back. There ARE only three ways

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